Hotline Quote

C&M First Services Inc. is pleased to announce our newest service for our valued producers – Commercial Quoting Hotline at 212-221-3753.

With a simple phone call, you can

. receive complete Accord application forms and a binder, while your customer is still in your office

Classes that are immediately available

Takeout restaurants
Nail salons and beauty salons
Dry cleaners (with option of unlimited Bailee coverage)
Dental and medical offices
Accounting Offices
Retail gift stores
Computer stores
Clothing stores
Grocery stores
Jewelry stores (no jeweler’s block)
Florist and flower shops
Deli with cooking and without cooking

More hotline classes will be added in the future.

Our teams of specialists are standing by to provide you with a speedy quote. C&M First Services Inc. is the reliable and innovative partner you can count on to grow your business. Call 212-221-3753 today and land the account you want.