The Zurich Financial Services Group we know today was created in 1998 through the merger with the financial services businesses of B.A.T Industries p.l.c., which almost doubled the size of the Group and enlarged our insurance operations, especially in the United States and United Kingdom. In the U.S., the merger brought into the Group the Farmers Exchanges, which we manage but do not own, and which is the third-largest personal lines, property and casulty insurer in the United States today.

Billing Questions:

If you receive your premium invoices directly from this insurance company, they have a special billing department available to answer all of your questions.

Call 800-382-2150 speak with an experienced company representative.

WC: Direct Bill Accounting Dept Phone Number: 800-332-6641

  • WC: Payment Mailing Address:
  • WC: Overnight Mailing Address:
  • DBL: Direct Bill Accounting Dept Phone Number: 631-845-2200

  • DBL: Payment Mailing Address:
  • This carrier accepts credit payments: NO;
    This carrier accepts check paid by phone: YES;

    To make an immediate payment, call 800-382-2150 or vist Zurich Online Payment


  • (Talk to C&M about installment option for premium $2000 and up)
  • 4 Pay Plan: 25% down + whatever tax & surcharge. + $7
    (premium must be $1000 up)
    7 Pay Plan: 25% down + whatever tax & surcharge + $7
    (premium must be $5000 up)

    *Each installment charge $7,  Late charge $10
    *Minimum payment $1000