Tower Group

Operating through five subsidiaries - Tower Insurance Company of New York (operating as Tower Select Insurance Company in California), Tower National Insurance Company, Preserver Insurance Company, Mountain Valley Indemnity Company and North East Insurance Company - Tower Group Companies (Tower) is a leading insurance and risk-related services company based in New York City. Tower provides property and casualty insurance to underserved markets and has different market facilities tailored to meet the needs of producers in order to attract different segments of the market, from preferred to non-standard including excess and surplus lines.

Tower is committed to delivering a broad range of insurance and related products and services that respond to the needs of customers in chosen market segments. This agency seeks to maximize the value of shareholders' investments by focusing on delivering superior return on equity and long-term appreciation. Tower provides a challenging, entrepreneurial work environment for employees by encouraging and rewarding high levels of achievement, teamwork and accountability.

Billing Questions:

If you receive your premium invoices directly from this insurance company, they have a special billing department available to answer all of your questions.

Call 212-655-2000 speak with an experienced company representative.

Direct Bill Accounting Dept Phone Number: 877-883-6599
Policy# start with CPC, WCC, CFC, CAC, CLC, CUC

  • Payment Mailing Address:
  • Overnight Mailing Address:
  • Direct Bill Accounting Dept Phone Number: 212-655-2181
    Policy#start with CPP, BOP HOS, HOP, DPP, DFP, HOE, BAP, WCP, Other

  • Payment Mailing Address:
  • Overnight Mailing Address:
  • This carrier accepts credit payments: YES;
    *American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and electronic checks
    This carrier accepts check paid by phone: YES;
    This carrier accepts on-line payment capabilities: YES;

    To make an immediate payment, call 212-655-2000 or vist


  • (Talk to C&M about installment option for premium $2000 and up)
  • 3 Pay Plan: 30% down + $10 fee   (40% down for personal line + $5 fee)
    4 Pay Plan: 25% down + $10 fee   (premium must be $5001 up)
    6 Pay Plan: 25% down + $10 fee   (premium must be $10001 up)

    *Late charge $15.