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The fundamental principles of C&M are to preserve and foster the integrity, professionalism and culture throughout the C&M community. We embrace the diversity of all our stakeholders. We take pride in acting in an honest and fair manner in every transaction by upholding the principles of trust, respect and ethical behavior.

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C&M First Services, is always looking for new opportunities and great people. If interested in joining our team, please forward your resume to:

C&M First Services, Inc
Attn: Human Resources
1560 Broadway, Suite 800
New York, NY 10036

Fax: (212)221-3763

Current Career Opportunities Available

Marketing Analyst – Personal Line Insurance, New York, New York

A Marketing Analyst – Personal Line Insurance wanted for a insurance company located in New York, New York.

  • MS- Marketing, Finance, Management, or any Business field of study related to financial marketing
  • 1-year exp. in the job offer or any occupation related to financial marketing

Job Duties:

  • 1. Conduct intense market and financial research and analytical studies: (1) to provide new insurance options for existing clientele in personal lines financial insurance program; (2) to expand through more aggressive marketing to attract and capture new, incoming clientele; (3) to expand its portfolio of insurance company partnerships.
  • 2. Conduct analytical research and studies of market conditions relating to potential sales including
    - Competing insurance brokerage firm/agency financial rates, coverage spectrum, plans and programs, and identify areas for improvement in C&M’s business operations as revealed by weak financial showings;
    - Research, analyze, and compare personal lines financial insurance offerings, rates, quotes, coverage spectrums of non-partnered insurance companies (such as Liberty Mutual, Geico, Allstate)
  • 3. Analyze and produce targeted and effective marketing and advertising to existing and prospective clientele.
  • 4. Lead company in research and analysis on the development of the Tenant Occupied Home Monoline Insurance Program with the Hyundai Insurance company.
  • 5. Research, negotiate, and determine target premiums for various policies to keep a high binding ratio and a low-to-zero loss ratio.
  • 6. Research optimal and agreeable underwriting guidelines for C&M to achieve profit.
  • 7. Target potential big broker and monitor their submission and binding ratio. Periodically measure financial profitability for C&M arising from incorporation of these new coverage plans into C&M’s business operations;
  • 8. Research and analyze new geographic customer populations to target, penetrate, and then market, communicate, and advertise C&M’s personal line financial insurance solutions to them;

Specific skills and other requirements:

  • 1. Must have knowledge of:
    - “Financial Markets Analysis” and “Financial Accounting Principles”
    - “Liability Management” and “Risk/Return Analysis”
  • 2. Prior experience must include:
    - Business development between upstream party and downstream party
    - Evaluating financial aspects of product portfolio, such as budgets, expenditures, sustainability of return on new investment
    - Contract negotiation

    Please mail resume to CHENG
    C&M First Services.
    1560 Broadway, Suite 800
    New York, NY 10036.
    Job Code: YG0319.

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